Love Your City Project



The Love Your City team is a collaborative effort on the part of Hillside Missions Organization and World Horizons USA.  We believe that a vital part of demonstrating the love of Christ is investing in our community in deep, meaningful, and lasting ways.

Brokenness in our communities manifests itself in the form of poverty, crime, unemployment, and homelessness. These issues are deep and longstanding; they will not be resolved quickly or easily.  But we believe that healing and wholeness can be inspired by a long-term commitment to service and love.

The Love Your City project focuses primarily on the neighborhoods and people of the greater Richmond area.  Our work is rooted in our conviction that small acts of love, service, and kindness can establish real and lasting change.  We acknowledge the call of God to care for and transform the world and community around us. Love Your City does this through beautification projects and community engagement.

Beautification projects are designed to clean and maintain local neighborhoods.  A beautiful neighborhood can be a source of group participation and pride for entire communities.  Our beautification projects include scraping gum off of sidewalks, painting over graffiti, and picking up trash.  Hillside interns spend an hour of their week working with the Love Your City team on these projects.

Have an idea for a beautification project?  Let us know!

Love Your City also runs a weekly Soup Day.  We serve soup, bread, sandwiches, and fruit to 15-20 people every Monday.  Our Soup Day occurs in front or inside of our office at 8 E. Broad St. Providing food for the homeless and disadvantaged people of Richmond allows us to serve others by supplying a basic need.  It also gives us the opportunity to relationally connect with and invest in others on a personal level. Through our Soup Day events every week, we are able to reach out to those in need in a way that is both physically and spiritually impactful.  

The Love Your City team is currently looking for volunteers to help prepare meals for Soup Day.  If you are able and interested, please email us at

The Love Your City team has a Community Garden in the Union Hill neighborhood.  The garden serves to encourage community engagement and cooperation in addition to providing food that is locally grown and nutritious.  Interns and staff members have worked together to plant, tend to, and harvest various produce which is used to prepare meals and supply sustenance to people in Richmond who are in need.

Right now, the Love Your City team is developing a program to work with homeless individuals and help them become self-sufficient.  We assist them in acquiring appropriate legal documents and finding reliable employment. If you have a background in social work or case management and are interested in serving your local community alongside us, we would love to hear from you.