Haiti: An Orphan’s View

‘We see the world through the lens of culture.’ -Kris Keating

What if that lens showed you Haiti from the eyes of its children? Would you look?

In April 2012, a group of high school students from Mechanicsville Christian Center’s youth group (theMIX) in Mechanicsville, VA will travel to Port Au Prince. There they will meet children like Amos at New Hope Haiti Mission, a non-profit orphanage focused on raising and educating Haitian orphans.

During their time at New Hope, these Virginia high schoolers will partner with the orphanage’s children in an art project highlighting the needs around them. Each child will be given a camera for 5 days to shoot photos on instant cameras in and around Port Au Prince’s Santo neighborhood. Copies of these photos will then travel back to Virginia and be arranged for an art show at the Hillside Missions Office and Art Gallery in downtown Richmond. As a result of these photos, we’re hoping to give people a window into the life of Haiti, its beauty, its needs, and its children.

Keep an eye out for updates about this exciting new project!