Short-Term Trip Training

As the Church, we are tasked with reaching areas of the world where Christ has not yet been named.

For a majority of churches, that task gets completed through its short-term (less than one year) mission trips and projects. We believe whole-heartedly that short-term trips are both necessary and instrumental in reaching the unreached. Naturally, we want our short-term trip experiences to be successful. We want our short-term trip participants to return with a bigger sense of who God is, how big He is, and what He is doing in the world. We want to know the things we set out to do were completed, and that they will (hopefully) have a long-lasting effect. We want our church as a whole to be impacted by the short-term trip that was just completed.

So how do we do that? How do we measure success of a short-term mission trip? Is it in the number of converts we’ve ‘made’ while in-country? By being asked to return by the long-term field worker? Or do we measure success by not going over budget?

We believe that much of a trip’s success can be measured months before the travelers pack their bags.

Short-term trip training is an essential element in the formula for a successful trip. Possessing a firm grasp on cross-cultural understanding and cross-cultural ministry don’t just happen as a result of a mission trip. They are intentionally developed through training, conversation, and study.

Hillside offers a conversational style of training based on its 12+ years of leading and facilitating short-term trips all over the world. We have seen overwhelming success with our training structure which focuses around Cross-cultural Understanding and Cross-cultural Ministry as its main elements. We’ve found that church-based short-term trip teams who participate in our training return from the trip with a deeper understanding of mission, become pillars of their church’s international ministry, and impact the church body as a whole with their experiences while in another country.

We are passionate about making a church’s short-term trip as successful as possible. We have years of experience in training, sending, and leading trips, and we want to share that with you. We would love to talk to you and uncover how we can be a resource for you and your short-term trips in the future.

Please email us if you would like to set up a training for your short-term group.