Strategy Development



If your church has not created a mission statement directed toward long-term missions, we can help you craft a biblically-driven purpose statement that adequately reflects your vision for the nations.

As you develop your a mission statement and chart out next steps, we can walk alongside you to help develop practical steps to accomplish your big vision and big goals.

Perhaps you don’t know where you would go. We have been working with friends in various ministries around the world for the past decade would love to introduce you to projects we have been able to encourage and support. Our friends on the field can offer opportunities for your church to get involved with their ministries, whether that means sending members of your congregation to help with their work, supporting them financially and through prayer, or coming alongside them to plant churches among the unreached.

As ministries, missionaries, and various countries enter your train of thought, perhaps you would like a more directed method of deciding who you will support and where you will go as a church. Let’s create some more directed goals within your missions vision.

Please contact us to set up a time to meet and talk about developing a mission strategy for your church.