Hannah Look

Intern 2013-2014

My internship experience with Hillside was very unexpected. I never would have thought that in 9 months I would grow as much as I have both mentally and spiritually. God has a plan for each of our lives and I can see now that coming to the program was a monumental stepping stone for mine. He has given me a wonderful group of Christians to grow in community with. They teach me everyday what living a life completely for God looks like and I am so grateful for each one of them. The internship program stretched me and has shown me the wonderful things that could be in my future. God is greatly glorified through this organization and I am grateful to be a part of it. He has blessed me by putting me here. Thank you Hillside!

Jonathan Pasti

Intern 2013-2014

During this year I have grown so much. I see everyone at Hillside as family. God has taught me so much from this group. I am so grateful to be a part of this community. Be warned: you won’t want to leave!

The Tabernacle

Southington, CT

As pastors from The Tabernacle in Southington, CT, we want to tell other churches that are thinking of taking a mission trip about the amazing job that Kris and the Hillside Mission Staff did in leading our team of 17 to the villages in East Asia.

The 10 day trip was life-changing for all who took part. We have to say that Hillside Team prepared us very well us for what we would encounter during our time in East Asia. The weekly training sessions that they taught gave us the knowledge and the confidence to go to those in East Asia and minister Jesus in a very unique way. With the help of their wonderful interpreters, we could share the good news of Christ without being hampered by the language barrier.

We went to East Asia to change the lives of others, but in the process, our lives were deeply changed! Thank you, Hillside Missions; we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Serving Him wherever we are,
Pastors Mark and Claudia Castro
The Tabernacle
Southington, CT

New Hope Haiti Mission

Port au Prince, Haiti

I am writing this letter as a wholehearted endorsement and recommendation for the Hillside Mission team. After the earthquake in Port au Prince in January of this year, there were literally hundreds of groups offering to come help and serve. This was overwhelming; most church groups mean well, but actually require a lot of work on our side since we have to usually handle the logistics of their trip, and handhold them through most projects. When Hillside offered to send a team down to assist us, I was immediately interested. We accepted their offer based on their missions experience, their focus on cross cultural frontier missions, and their intense commitment to using each opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ.

As they prepared to send the team, I was so impressed by how much organization was going into the trip. They had planned educational classes, art classes, and other activities for not just our children, but for our staff as well. Being so busy with other projects at the time, I did not have to do a thing. They took the project very seriously, and came up with innovative ideas that I would never have thought of.

Once in Haiti, they were well received by our director, staff and children. They so well integrated within our orphanage, jumping right into the mix of work and school, that our staff instantly loved them. The children were wowed by the unique projects and games, and our staff loved that they took interest in their work. This sort of hands on, caring concert for everyone was special, which is saying a lot for a group that hosts other teams constantly.

Our director constantly asks for Hillside to come back, raving about how good they were, and how much he enjoyed each one of them. I don’t know if I have heard him make this request of another team before. I understand his sentiment though, they didn’t come to us requiring more work of us as they come to ‘help’ us, Hillside truly served our ministry as faithful, mature, joy-filled Christians that were prepared and ready to work. After their trip to Haiti, they continue help us in numerous ways.

Beyond just being great missionaries, they have become good friends. I cannot recommend Hillside enough. Their heart is missions, their vision is discipleship, and their heart is the gospel of Jesus Christ; all of this they do by faith and with joy. I would be thrilled to see my own children one day serving in this small but powerful ministry.


Scott Salvant


New Hope Haiti Mission

James Boyed

Intern 2013-2014

I can say wholeheartedly-    Hillside’s internship and training program has been one of the influential decisions of my life. The community here wants to be poured out for the sake of the gospel in nations who don’t have access to the gospel. Their passion and lifestyle is contagious. This community makes me want to be part of God’s plan to see all nations worship him and gives me opportunity to take a role in it. I want to join them to see the work done and invite as many as I can to do it with me. I am so grateful for the lives of the leaders and staff that have changed my life.

Area 10 Faith Community

Richmond, VA

I have had the great opportunity to work with Hillside Missions over the last year. They moved to Richmond and went to work quickly getting to know pastors in the area. The team they have built are fun people to work with and be around. They have gone the extra mile on multiple occasions to help our church expand its global presence.

The Hillside team helped our church prepare for our recent trips to Haiti and Vietnam. They ran all our pre-field orientation and presented our team members with a lot of helpful information about working cross culturally. In addition to that, they made themselves constantly available to myself as the senior pastor and to our team leaders for consultation. They always made time to meet with us and help us work out any issues we had going on with our global teams.

I can say without hesitation, that our trips to Vietnam and Haiti were MUCH better this year, because the team at Hillside Missions worked with us so closely. I look forward to working with them in the years to come.

Chris Barras

Senior Pastor – Area 10 Faith Community

Richmond, VA

Commonwealth Chapel

Richmond, VA

“God has brought a strategic new resource to Richmond in Hillside Mission.

I have found the team at Hillside to have the rare combination of youthful zeal with knowledgable experience. These two characteristics make them not only a joy to work with but incredibly helpful in the arena of global missions. I highly recommend them to you as a resource for global trips, cross-cultural training, and global consultation. We are honored at Commonwealth Chapel to be partnering with them!”

Rev. Dr. Robert Rhoden

Senior Pastor – Commonwealth Chapel (A.G.)

Richmond, VA

Karen Vaichus

Intern 2009

My experience as an intern with Hillside Missions was definitely a stepping stone to learn so much about myself and what’s actually going on around the world. What the “Great Commission” actually means and to whom it’s directed towards: to all Christians, not just the well dressed or the cool kids. I went into the internship with very little knowledge about missions, I thought it was going to be one more Christian retreat for my collection. The results from it are far from what I expected them to be. Because of Hillside, I am able to know what needs to be done and how I can be a part of this task;  and for that I am excited. Hillside gave a me purpose and a goal to prepare and live for – to reach the unreached.

Robert Kennedy

Intern 2010

Hey, my name is Rob Kennedy.  I am a graduate of the Hillside Internship Program and now a full-time worker in the Middle East.  I joined the program in 2010 right after graduating from high school.  There were many events that took place before I ever came to Hillside that put me on the path to where I am today, but I know I never would have dedicated my life to this work if it weren’t for the discipleship and training I received from the leadership at Hillside.

When I joined the program I had no idea how much of the world was still unreached, and when I found out it shocked me.  It seemed as if no one was doing anything to reach new areas of the world.  People either wanted to stay at home or go to a place that everyone else goes.  No one was looking to go to the places where the gospel had not be spread (probably because they didn’t know about them).  So few churches that we spoke with had any interest in hearing about new places, where there were only very few Christians, and as time went on I really started to see the need for mobilization among the Church.  At the end of my internship I came to the Middle East for three months.

While I was here I got to experience what life was like in an unreached nation and I felt that if I was saying people should consider moving overseas then I should consider it as well.  I spent some time praying about that while I was in the Middle East and I started to feel the call to come back long-term.  After my three months in the Middle East I returned to Richmond and stayed on staff with Hillside for a little over a year.  During that time I told Kristopher that I wanted to return to the Middle East and I received complete support.  He gave me advice and helped me set up a plan for getting to the Middle East as soon as possible.  The rest of the team at Hillside supported me as well.  They helped with fundraisers and offered more advice.  They made sure that I knew I wasn’t doing it alone.

Now I am in the Middle East long-term and I know I am doing what God wanted me to do.  I am very thankful that He used Hillside to point me in the right direction.  It may sound cheesy but joining Hillside lets you become a part of a family.  It isn’t just a train and go type deal.  It’s new lifelong friends and a chance to live a life of adventure and purpose.  To live a life that is different from everyone else and it opens the doors to a chance to change the world.