For Your Church

Hillside has developed some great ways to walk alongside your church as you take your next steps in international missions ministry.

You may have never considered your role outside your city, or you may provide full-time support for 40 missionaries. Wherever you find your church, we would love to encourage you and help you to develop a focused vision for your church that is directed toward long-term international ministry.

Perhaps you are looking for some more practical advice on developing short-term trips in support of long-term goals. Let us offer you some preparation training to get your team ready. We can provide some devotional advice for while you are on the road as well. We can also provide discussion time after the trip that will allow your team to process the new information they will have gathered.

Our passion is to see your church more prepared and mobilized for a bigger role in partnering with God to draw the nations to himself. Let’s walk together.