Why Mission?

Why would anyone go to another country to tell people about Christ?

Why go to a place where another language is spoken, the food is strange, and you have to squat over a hole to go to the bathroom? Shouldn’t we worry about our “own backyard”?

Every day, people die without ever having known Christ or the true purpose for their existence.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had never been given the opportunity to know God? What if you had never experienced the joy and peace in knowing your eternal destiny?

We work to establish Christian community among peoples without access to the gospel because it is God’s plan for us – and it makes us happy. God’s gift of salvation produces joy in us that can’t be contained. Mission is an overflow of the joy and mercy that God has given us. It’s got to come out! Knowing that God chose for us to know Him is astounding. Knowing that there are many people in the world that couldn’t know this same joy because there is no one to tell them is heartbreaking.

We the church have the incredible privilege of working side by side with God Himself to reach those who otherwise would be unreached. God makes it clear to us in His Word that our most basic reason for being is to glorify Him. We also know that God is glorified when people come to know Him. God will receive most glory when all nations are reached. There are thousands of nations (people groups) that are still completely unreached. As we work to reach these people, we change the world one life at a time.