Edit: [Your Event Here]

The guest speaker doesn’t want to be escorted to the empty Sunday School room.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there are better ways to host special events that belong in a venue made for special events. “Edit:” is now available as that space.

Book signings, guest speakers, lectures, debates…all are possible events you may not want to host in your church’s multi-purpose room, sandwiched between the women’s breakfast and the missions committee meeting. “Edit:” is able to comfortably seat 40 people for an intimate guest lecture or Calvinism debate, with expansion into the Hillside Missions and World Horizons office space reaching into the mid-200’s for extra-special events. (We’ll call this the “We booked John Piper to come speak, and we don’t want the stale smell of craft paste to linger in the air” zone.)

We want “Edit:” to continue to evolve into a space where art and conversation inspire people to see Christ glorified in the nations. We want it to be the backdrop for events that want to do the same.

Drop by, call or email us with your event idea, and we’ll be happy to set it aside for you. Your guest speaker will be happy you did.

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